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Drag your shutter and add a constant light source for light painting

Ok, so I saw a video by Jiggie Alejandrino and got inspired to shoot a low key set up for rim lighting. While in the middle of these shots I thought back to another video I saw by Ian Hippolyte where he incorporated light painting into one of his fashion shoots. So I thought, "why not try it with this set up?" I am so happy with the way these turned out, honestly I feel like these are some of my favorite I've ever done in studio. These are a bit tricky to master but well worth the effort. The lighting set up is exactly the same way I had it in my rim lighting post only with a constant light added in between the model and the white foam board to provide some light to paint with.

What you'll need:

How to use it:

Once you have your composition set, your lighting set and your model posed, your first step is to drag your shutter speed and play with motion blur. In the shots above the settings are 1/8 of a second, f/8 and ISO 100. Yeah, you read that right, I shot it at 1/8 of a second; It is necessary to get the stroke effect. Your second step is to add camera movement. The split second that I press the shutter I then jolted the camera in which ever direction I thought was necessary. The strobe provided me with all of the sharpness I needed and the constant light provided me with the stroke effect. This is the tricky part to master. If you move the camera too soon you will lose your composition, if you lag too much you wont get any light painting. So it will take some time to get it right but as I said, it is well worth the effort.

Random thought: I know this blog isn't big by any means, I'm not even sure anybody actually reads these fully, but if any of you are reading I do truly appreciate it. I started it as a creative outlet and in hopes to earn a little extra income via these product links. So reads and purchases are very much appreciated as they help me continue to do something I love. I know I have a lot to learn and you guys can be sure that I will be posting what I learn and tips on how to do these things. With all of that being said, if anybody feels inspired from this or any other posts, or if anybody takes a small tip and applies them into their work, I would LOVE to see. you can tag me on instagram at @mike_Alexander. Thanks again for visiting my page!

Camera Settings:

Camera: Canon EOS R

SS: 1/8

Aperture: f/8

ISO: 100

Strobe: Godox AD200

@ 1/4 power

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